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product steps

A:Designing and making:According to the form of the dish,the design is selected and then the dish is made through hammering or bending.

B:Engraving:Here by special engraving chisels the desighn is engeraved:

The sorts of engraving design : miniature-flower and bird jamshid ,perspolice-flower and bush or geometrical shapes.

C:Soldering and completing: After engraving ,last steps are  soldering pieces and completing and then the dishes are prepared  for plating.

D:polished and plating : in this step to clean the dishes they are polished and then silver-plating is started

E:Blakhening:to make the design of engraved dish more beautiful it is blackened with smoke this is called blackening.

F:Covering for stability and prevention of siver oxidation the surface is coverd by a special transparent material . this coverage prevens silver from oxidation for at least 5 years.

In Ehtemam handicraft workshop , all these steps are done by skillful and experienced experts..




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